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Hello to all. 


1. The last few weeks I have been working to correct my Hotmail email accounts.... They were compromised. I will now use a Gmail account or you can use my school email account. 


2. My new email is and or use my BSD school email....that is the best way to contact me. Sorry for the inconvenience.


3. Sunset High School Volleyball  is scheduled to start on Monday, February 22nd

4. We will hold Tryouts the week of February 22. You must be registered with BSD and Sunset High School to attend tryouts. Information of how to register is included in the previous posting below. You will not pay any money until you have made a team...Do not pay now. 

5. The high school season goes from February 22 to April 10th. 


6. We will continue to hold ZOOM Team meetings every Thursday.  Note the TIme Change.... 11:10 am to 11:30 am. We changed the time so that all of the players would have the opportunity to join and not interfere with work schedules or appointments. These meetings are optional but we would like to see everyone there as we get ready for the season. 


If you have any questions you can email me at school, or ..... or text me at 503-318-6701


Have a great day....

Lad Salness

Head Sunset Volleyball Coach. 





Hope you are having a great winter break and Happy New Year...

The goal is to play High School Volleyball on February 22, 2020.   (Season 1).   (Season 2 in August 2021).



  1. We will start the weekly Zoom on Thursday, January 7th, at 3-3:30... If you plan on playing--you need to be on the zoom or text Salness. The goal is to set things up for late February.

  2. High School Volleyball Season is set to start on February 22nd 

  3. We will return to Workouts, at Sunset, as soon as the Governor and Beaverton School District let us into the gym for real Volleyball practice and scrimmages.  

  4. Reach out and contact all the players and confirm that they need to email Salness and Coach Olivia Carter to get on the Email list. They must also have completed all the paperwork for BSD participation. Details are found in the previous Announcements. 

  5. We are moving to have all information on the Website and have Weekly Updates. Tell your parents and teammates to check on the Website on Sunday Nights...



Salness, Lowery, Gaffney, Carter, Skalback, and adding Ashley VanGordon (to work will all levels). 


If you have any questions you can email me at 

Have a Great Week




Hope you are all having a great weekend. Winter break starts on Saturday. 


This week:


Monday, Dec 14:  No Conditioning. We will look at starting back in January.

Wednesday, Dec 16:  No Conditioning. We will look at starting back in January. 

Thursday, Dec 17:   Zoom…. 3-3:30    We will send out the link on the website.


Have a great week.




Thursday, December 10th     

      1. Zoom meeting  3-3:30

      2. If the link does not work, go to zoom and enter the ID number             

          and the passcode

      3. BUT, it is on the email you will be receiving today.

See u at 3.... “all faces” and names!

Monday, Dec 7th: Conditioning Workout

Wednesday, Dec 9th: Conditioning Workout

1. All players must be wearing a mask

2. All players must bring their own water bottle

3. All players must bring the hard copy of the Covid Waiver (the only non-electronic paperwork this year, I have attached it just in case you need it again to print out)

4. All players must check in no earlier than 3:30 and no later than 3:45- the workout will end at 4:45. 

5. All players must be registered online with all of the forms as well as have an up to date physical. 

Thursday, Dec. 10

1. Zoom at 3 pm to all players (we'll post Zoom address later)



Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. 


We are looking to launch Sunset Volleyball with an outdoor activity at Sunset High School. Just want us to get together and play and say "Hi" and get a bit of conditioning along with a few fun games. 


To participate, you must have the following in place in the athletic office:

  1.  A Participation Form filled out and accepted by the athletic office. This is done ONLINE  this year. (two different pages to fill out)

  2.  A valid Physical Participation form on file with the athletic office or upload a new  physical (two different pages to fill out, one filled out by a parent and one by a doctor)

  3.  A BSD (Beaverton School District) waiver form.

The directions/steps are listed in the email from Olivia Carter.


Note:  You know we are regulated by CDC, The Governor, Washington County, and BSD. These are in place for the protection of athletes, coaches, and our families. 

That said—we need to be able to adjust to the potential of the practice schedule.


Practice Procedure:

  1. Park your car in the Student Parking lot.

  2. Check-in at 3:30 at the doors by the Cafeteria.

  3. You must have a printed copy of the Waiver to hand in for the first practice.

  4. You must wear a mask at all times.

  5. Restrooms are by the gym.

  6. When checked in—we will go to the Softball field outside. We can have 40 players in a group.  If we have more than 40 players we will split the group in half.



We will be outside—wear warm clothes (we will cancel if the weather is bad)

Arrive at 3:30 for Check-in.

Practice is from 3:45 to 4:45.

All returning players & all incoming freshmen are invited (if they have registered).

Bring your own water.

YOU Must Wear a mask the entire time.

We will have a separate way to exit the facility. (other teams will be coming in)


Potential Dates—check-in is at 3:30 and Practice is 3:45 to 4:45 (we are looking for 1-4 practices—not all 4)


Monday               Dec 7:     3:30 check-in,  Practice 3:45-4:45    Possible - TBA

Wednesday         Dec 9:     3:30 check-in,  Practice 3:45-4:45    Possible - TBA

Monday               Dec 14:   3:30 check-in,  Practice 3:45-4:45    Possible - TBA

Wednesday         Dec 16:   3:30 check-in,  Practice 3:45-4:45    Possible - TBA


(see below for #1 if you missed it)


1. Thank you to those who have replied that you are IN for workouts. I have been taking note of that. 


2. Freshman: we hope to include you as soon as possible!! Stay tuned. 


3. Some of you may have already seen this but per the Governor's "2 week Pause" order; OSAA has paused indoor high school athletics. Our current schedule looks as follows:







Monday               Dec 7:     3:30 check-in,  Practice 3:45-4:45    Possible - TBA

Wednesday         Dec 9:     3:30 check-in,  Practice 3:45-4:45    Possible - TBA

Monday               Dec 14:   3:30 check-in,  Practice 3:45-4:45    Possible - TBA

Wednesday         Dec 16:   3:30 check-in,  Practice 3:45-4:45    Possible - TBA


More information will be sent out as we receive it- the website will also continue to be updated.


4. While we wait: if you haven't already: RSVP to Coach Carter & Coach Salness if you plan to come to the pre-season workouts and make sure all of your registration and paperwork are filled out. 


5. OSAA has changed its protocol; temperatures will not be taken when entering the school. PLEASE use SMART judgment and only come if you are feeling 100% healthy. If one person from your pod gets sick, the whole pod will have to be home. 


Thank you for your patience this year and I am sure the changes that will continue to come our way, we are all missing normal season so much and can't wait to be together soon. 




We hope to start Volleyball pod pre-season workouts starting November 19th. Our gym timeslot at Sunset is from 7-8 PM at Sunset High Tuesday and Thursday evenings. players will need to arrive promptly at 6:45 to check-in. These will run through December 17th. Time is subject to change.


There is no cost.


There is no requirement. During these unprecedented times, you need to decide as a family if coming is right for your player, there is no type of expectation one way or another.


The scheduled regular season in Oregon for Volleyball will be March and April— this is a 2 month season. We will have tryouts and make teams in March and not before. It will not matter if you were on Varsity or JV or JV 2 or new to the program. All players will get an equal opportunity to make the teams at Sunset in March.


This workout time will be open to returning Varsity, JV & JV2 players. New players and freshmen will be worked in hopefully at a later date. We have strict regulations on the number of players on a court. 


We will be following CDC, The Governor, Washington Co, and BSD Protocols. 



  1. Every Player and Coach will wear a Mask and follow social distancing when possible. We will be allowed to play inside the gym 

  2. The player will be assigned to a "pod" that will stay the same for the entire 5 weeks on the same court. We will have 3 pods in total.

  3. You will have to have your temperature taken and answer questions before you will be allowed in the school to then go to the gym for the practice. You are required to bring your own water and there are specific entrance & exit sites. Only the back parking lot will be open for drop off. More specific details next week.



  1. You must have completed the Online registrations (see attachments)

    1. Athletic Participation Form

    2. OSAA Physical Form

    3. COVID waiver


  1. You must reply back to myself & Coach Carter once you have decided if you are IN for the next few weeks of pre-season workouts. Once we hear back from everyone we will create pods.

  2. Make sure your physical is up to date. They expire every other year, so if you got one as a freshman you will need to get one when you are a junior.


We are very excited to start back up ……. But also know that can change at any time.  


Please share with your friends, make sure volleyball players all know about the updates!


We have a webpage that we are just starting to create. It is under construction but our goal is to have the website be the place for families to go to check the schedule, updates, details, etc so that there are fewer emails coming to your inbox. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Lad Salness



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This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors.

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